Focused market of the Dripitex® Root Zone Irrigation Mat is the sector of gardening and landscaping in arid and semi-arid climatic zones. As in the sandy soils of these regions the water-saving effect is most significant. Added to that is the agricultural sector. Valuable contacts to strawberry and vine growers have already been established.

Vegetation of slopes

  • Simple irrigation and installation of the irrigation system even in projects that are considered extremely difficult with regards to irrigation
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Roof greening (even in hot climates)

  • More efficient installation due to a lower installation height
  • Increased water storage capacity of conventional substrates
  • Opening up of new markets as the Dripitex® Root Zone Irrigation Mat enables roof greening also in hot climates
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Football stadiums

  • Potential to save one out of three necessary lawn exchanges per year
  • Annual saving potential: € 80,000.00
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  • Golf courses can be irrigated while being used
  • Saves the golf course owner to invest in 9 holes or enables him to get additional income from 9 holes
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